Our mission is to create an atmosphere in which all who come to New Fire Generation can cultivate and express the life of God that is within them.

We remain faithful to our value as sons and daughters of God and aspire to be a positive influence in our community, carrying and imparting the life of God at all times to every person.

Our priority is to preserve the life of Christ that each youth carries. We preserve the life of Christ in the youth by creatively instructing them in God's path and using Godly principles in a dynamic method that help the growth and the preservation of the life of Christ inside them.

We keep up with the present truth of God, developing the potential in each member of New Fire Generation and guiding them to be productive in everything they do. Using creative ways we integrate the youth into the Word spoken each Friday, emphasizing participation in groups and in fellowship with others.
Each Friday is an opportunity to not only to know more about God but also to know everyone in NFG.

We meet every Friday at 7:45 and are open to all youth ages 14 to 26. Come and enjoy the fulfillment that comes with being a part of New Fire Generation, sharing the present truth of God to all those who come.